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Low Rise Leggings – We Love Them

Low Rise Leggings. We’re Tribe Leggings, and we love low rise leggings.

We know you do too! Yes we know we may be going against the mainstream. So many brands have dropped their low rise leggings ranges in favour of the trusty high rise legging. But the low rise legging has its place. Sometimes you need the comfort of the perfect low rise leggings that sit on your hips – especially if like us you’re wearing leggings all day.

Leggings are the best thing to happen to the world since sliced bread. They’re comfortable, versatile, and perfect for any occasion—even just lounging around the house. We know – legging lounging is our thing. We’re here to tell you – never underestimate the low rise legging.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about leggings. Some people think they have to be high-rise or low-rise; some people don’t even realiSe that leggings aren’t always yoga pants. We’re here to set the record straight: you can wear whatever kind of leggings you want! You can wear both high-rise and low-rise leggings with confidence, because they both have their benefits. You can wear yoga leggings and not feel like an exercise addict (or worse!). We want you to feel comfortable in your own skin—and that starts with feeling comfortable in your leggings!

Leggings Lovers – We’ve Got Ya

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Low Rise Leggings – Be Bold

What’s Your Favourite Pair?

Low Rise Leggings

Love Low Rise Leggings? Low Rise Leggings Are Back In Popular Demand & Girl Have We Got A Treat For You.

Our launch collection is throwing the spotlight on low rise leggings. Trust us you’ve never seen low rise leggings like these before. We’re talking low rise leggings that make you feel super fly no matter what your doing. We’ve designed our low rise leggings to take you from lounging around the house, working out, on the school run. Seriously these beauties are high on style, comfort and class. What makes our low rise leggings perfect? well we’ve believe that style can run from classic to a little wild.. What’s Your Flavour? Check out our classic low rise leggings designs that will support you no matter wha you’re up to in life.

Yes Fashion Meets Comfort. Ladies The Revolution Is Finally Here

Check Out Our Low Rise Leggings Here

Welcome To The Tribe

We’ve Launched!

Finally it’s happened. the day we’ve all been waiting. International plagues and barbaric wars will not get in the way of us launching tribe leggings! We’ve had to be patient, hone our skills, get streetwise and grow up our vision to be able to bring to you our vision of the perfect leggings collections there is.

So here we are – it took a little longer than planned but we are wiser for it and tribe leggings has grown up and evolved in to a strong brand with big values and bold design and massive plans. We hope you love what you see and join our tribe.

After Everything We’ve Been Through Just To Get Here The One Thing We Know We Have To Do Is..

Dream Big


Tribe X